Historic Warehouse


 Here is some of the restoration work done on the historic 110 year old Norton-Steely Warehouse in downtown Columbia.  I was fortunate to participate with several craftsmen and gained an immense  appreciation for historical restoration.


Window Sash (before and after)- Replicated to match the original double hung windows on both the front and back of the building. Mortise and tenon, rail and stile construction with single muntin. 


Inside Trim (before and after) -  Window trim, stoop, sill and apron.  A multi-stepped process to replicate the originals.


Six Panel Rear Door and Transom (before and after) - Designed to match the original profiles of the front doors.  Crafted with pegged through-tenoned joinery of Douglas fir with solid poplar panels.  The door itself is approx. 48" w by 96"h. You can also see some of the redone sashes.


Pilaster Caps - These pilaster caps were designed by a local architect for his own residence. The poured caps features a two tiered pyramid divided by a reversed mantel mold profile. I made the mold in four sections and joined it with band clamps for reusability. 



Walnut Handrails- My customer was building a house in the Leiper's Fork area made to look like a hundred year old farmhouse and wanted period handrails. This air dried walnut came from split 4x4 posts and hand planed to an oval top with beaded sides. Below you can see some of the burl popping through the grain as well as a scarf joint with pegs for the longest section. Keep scrolling down to see the completed installation.




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